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Origin: Memphis,Tn

Genre: HipHop/R&B

Years Active: 1994 - Present

Current Record Labels: Immortal Inc/Productions

Junkadelic Music/Believe/Warner Bros

Past Record Labels: Suave House Records

Atlantic Records/Koch/Seleto Hits/etc

Official Websites:


Marc Sche Eastwood, born and raised in Orange Mound Memphis Tn., started producing music at the age 12, and later found a passion for writing and rapping at the age of 16. Sche often expressed the darker side of life and the things he experienced as a child growing up in the hard life of the ghettos. Sche's music was often a cry for help and a way to escape the dark torment of the streets. Drugs, gangs, addicts, murders and sex was the foundation of his expression, which would be later appreciated by a very large underground fan base worldwide. Hard snares, dark passionate synths, followed by strong verbal harmonic hyms and explosive poetic deliveres were the essence of his music. Today, Sche's music still carries his original signature, but with an even wiser man behind the mic expressing some of the most conterviersial lyrics you've ever heard.

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Nothing But Love!
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Craig Brewer & Sche
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Al Kapone & Sche
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Marc "Sche" Eastwood



Sche has produced and worked with many of the industry's leading artists and record labels such as 8 ball, Kool Keith, T.I., K- Rino, Ice -T, Al Kapone, T - Rock, Lil Jon, Koopsta Knicca, Spice 1, Dresta, King T, Bushwick Bill ( Geto Boys ) Trae The Truth, Slim Thug, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo,  Tim Dog, Lil Flip, M.C. Mack, Project Pat, King T, COLD 187, X - Raided, Tom SkeeMask, Gangsta Blac, Ludacris, Lil Wyte. Skinny Pimp, Indo G, Pastor Troy. La Chat. DJ Zirk & many more.

He's currently the CEO of Immortal Inc, and see's over fellow artists such as 

Pimpminista, T.N.T., BossBytch, Blaune, Immortal, Komatoze, Trouble Mob and more.


Sche has also worked with Craig Brewer on several of his movie projects such as

" The Poor & the Hungry, Hustle & Flow, and $5 Cover"


Sche has also toured Europe with Junkadelic Music performing in France & Germany.

with BushWick Bill Geto Boys
Sche with Zirk & Al Kapone on Stage)
with TomSkeeMask
with L.P.D.
with DJ Zirk
with BushWick Bill/Hardcore Montana
with Jayden Young
with Foley & D Life
with La Chat
On Stage Europe
Nothing But Love!
In Da Office
On Stage Europe
Macked Out
God On Da Block
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